// Is a half truth a whole lie?//

I would rather not spend my entire day talking about Monsanto and their practices but due to the flood of misinformation I must. If there is one thing in this world I can not stand it is misinformation and people swallowing it as truth. All of the information I provide have links to sources. Never take anyone’s word about anything. Learn for yourself.

The government was facing a looming shut down once again, one March 27, due to “Kick the can” politics and recently, just with in the past 48-72 hours kicked the can again with HR.933. This bill provides the government with funding for the next 6 months when the issue will have to be addressed again, can kicked. At the last moment someone snuck in a “posion pill” known as “The Monsanto Protection Act”. The entire bill deals mainly with funding the government for the next few months and telling the military to reinstate tuition assistance for troops, a casualty of the sequester. This bill was bound to pass due to its importance and the public out cry for troops to have their TA back, the perfect opportunity to slip in a provision that would not pass on its own. Section 735 of the bill is the part of the bill being relating to Monsanto and GMOs. This one section bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of GMOs along with a few other pieces of policy. So here is my summary correcting the pile of half truths out there

1) There is no such thing as “Monsanto Protection Act” it is one section in HR 933 which is really named ‘Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013’

2) It is unknown at this time who attached this section to the bill.

3) HR 933 is/was needed to avoid a government shut down.

4) The bill is not a permanent law. It only exists for 6 months then expires September 30th 2013, when the government shut down will be brought up again.

5) To veto this bill which funds the government would be to create a government shut down the moment President Obama’s pen touched the paper.

This incident points out a few glaring hole in our governmental process. How is it unknown who attached this and why were they able to do it at the last moment. I really want to blame the Congressmen who voted this through, but this time, this instance Congress is not at fault. If they are told what a bill is about then someone add a few lines at the last second before a vote can they really be held responsible for what this person attached? This really show the power that Monsanto, lobbyists, and special interest have over our government and its officials.

If you would like to read HR 933 yourself here is the link to download it.


I am not a fan of Monsanto at all I despise them entirely, but I hate misinformation more.